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When Should You Text Her Back?

You’ve gotten her number and perhaps gone even further with her. But there are still those pesky and irritating issues. What to text a girl and when should you actually text her back! In this short post, we’ll go over some common scenarios about when and what you should text…

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The Deadly Sin of Texting That Costs You Women

This is a chapter from “Warning: Are You Committing One Of These Deadly Texting Sins?” (get it for only three dollars here). When texting a girl, it’s agonizing when a luscious hottie you’ve been texting starts to ignore you. We’ve all been there and it’s tediously tormenting in how annoying…

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How to Text a Girl: Don’t Be Boring

Have you ever met a woman and everything seemed to be going great, only for her to leave you in agony by ghosting through text? Only for it to leave you wondering “How to text a girl you like?”

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