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Have you ever met a woman and everything seemed to be going great, only for it to fizzle out through text? Only for it to leave you wondering “How to text a girl you like?”

Perhaps you met her through online dating (in which case check out what to message her to get a date), and you’re about to set up a date. Maybe you just met her while out and about in the world. Or maybe you’ve even been on a date or two with a girl. 

Either way, we need to know how to text a girl we like to get her on a date with us.

That’s what this next batch of posts are going to cover for you, how to text like a king. 

This first post is perhaps the biggest deal-breaker for women; men who are overly serious and boring.

Women like stoic men. Men also like emotional guys. Women just like guys in general. But women don’t like men who are overly serious.

Even stoic men find ways to tease women, and even stoic guys aren’t always stone-faced. They still find ways to have fun (at least, the successful-with-women ones do). This is doubly important if you’re meeting her through an app like Tinder, where some light teasing is practically mandatory to getting her out on a date with you (learn more about that here).


Rather than talk at you about how to text a girl I’m going to show you some examples:

  • Backstory: this is a woman I met with a friend. We ended up hitting it off while we were all at the zoo. Because it’s fun for me, I ended up taking some candy wrappers and putting them in her hood. She ended up playing along and throughout the night that night we kept trying to stash them on each other. 

That’s an example of being playful with women in real life. It doesn’t have to be some ordeal, just do something that you find amusing. Channel your inner 8 year old and amuse yourself. Have fun and run with it which can also be said on how to text a girl. The women that like you will love it while the ones that don’t like you will run away.

That’s what we want! 

Now, on this example what you don’t see is that she sent me a GIF (it was a little dog pestering a tiger and the tiger didn’t give a shit at all). I shared my thoughts and she related her own to me. Nothing fancy here, just relating to each other. 

Then she sent a follow-up “thats mee right theree haha i may be lil but i dont careee!!!”. 

That, gentlemen, is a possible teasing moment served up on a silver platter. 

Seeing that, I immediately used this to tease her. I did this by relating her to the ‘little turd pestering the tiger’. It’s obvious that I’m joking which keeps it from being mean. This is fun for women, it showcases a host of great things about you. 

After that I took it a little bit further by telling her to make me hush, making it vaguely sexual. This shows her that I’m not afraid to act on my sexual desires. It lets her know that this isn’t a strictly ‘friendly’ interaction. I don’t just jump into sexualizing everything, and even this is a very light example. 

This is how you want to start with things; slowly and with subtlety. 

After that, she asked about the wrappers because there was nowhere else to take the conversation.

This tells me that she likes me a lot.

First; she complimented me, always a great thing. Second; the follow-up message is her way of keeping the interaction going. She wants more and she’s willing to invest herself to get more from me. 

Because of this high degree of interest I went further by calling myself a ‘sexy dork’. This is me ‘misinterpreting‘ what she said and taking it just one step further. 

Normally you don’t want to do this, but because of her high degree of interest I went for it just to solidify that idea of me in her mind. It also acknowledges her compliment so she doesn’t feel ignored. Because when women are chasing you this much they’ll be watching for signs if you like her or not, and if she feels like you might not like her at all then she’ll pull back to save face. Like everything in life, it’s all about balance. 

After that we started chatting about the candy wrappers to help bring the interaction down a little bit. You don’t want to just keep piling on the sexual humor. It’s like a potent spice, just need a little bit.  

That’s it for today. I will have a few more posts about texting up soon, so keep an eye out for them! If you don’t want to wait for then next one, then get my book on the deadly texting sins to avoid (it’s only 3 dollars). Or, if you’re having some other texting issues with women then comment so we can work on it 🙂

Keep Moving Forward

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