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  • Quick Note: As usual with these reviews I am not being paid or given anything to write this review. I am doing this review because I have seen results with what Barron Cruz over on Charisma Matrix advises and you will too
  • He has a lot of great stuff, all centered around how to build your charisma. However the things that I want to focus on right now are his videos about how to get a deep voice
  • Building a strong, dominant and manly voice that people will respect. No more getting talked over or people walking away when you speak to them. No longer are people allowed to disrespect you or ignore you. It’s time to get a voice that will make people snap to attention. I’ve seen results and so will you
  • IMPORTANT LAST NOTE READ THIS: when we talk about how to get a deep voice in this article we are talking about unlocking your natural voice. Not deepening it unnaturally (because that’s going to break your voice eventually). Because chances are your natural voice is fine and chances are good that you’re actually speaking higher pitched than you should be (which will eventually break your voice). That’s what we’re going to cover in this article; how to get a deep voice naturally by unlocking what’s already there. We just need to shake off some bad habits and get you speaking in a way that can command power and respect from men and attraction in the women you talk to

Have you ever walked up to someone, maybe at a store or even around your friends, and people just seemed to ignore you whenever you spoke to them? It might be because nobody ever taught you how to get a deep voice that commands respect.

They might not have been rude, but you could tell that they didn’t respect you. Or perhaps they were outright disrespectful to you?

Either way we’re going to go over how to fix that by learning how to get a deep voice that commands respect thanks to Barron Cruz on the Charisma Matrix (but do you already know how to use that deep voice to influence people?)

How to Get a Deep Voice That People Instantly Respect

  • Click the link in the title to go straight to the video
Channel your inner lion to unlock your natural voice and learn how to get a deep voice naturally
We’re going to get you the human’s version of a lion roar

Everything that we will cover in this article will come back to one thing: your tonality (including a fun experiment that I did to fix some issues I was having with people that you yourself can do).

Because nothing will command respect like a powerful voice. One thing that I love about this video is how it starts. It starts with an old clip of Barron from a few years ago. The clip is from before he drilled down some of the tips he goes over in the video that we will cover here.

That way, you can see the differences of a few years and more knowledge in the same person on how to get a deep voice.

In this video Barron covers the three different types of tonality:

  1. Rapport Seeking
  2. Then Rapport Neutral
  3. And Rapport Breaking

Rapport Seeking

This is the tone that a lot of people use in today’s society without even knowing it (which was even the same of me!)

This is the tone that people will use with someone that they think is a lot higher status than they are.


  • Think of how someone will talk to a king
  • Or someone will talk to a boss

For a short and fun example of King Joffrey and his grandfather (before moving on, care to guess who has more authority and power in this clip?):

That thumbnail says it all

Here’s a YouTube comment that absolutely nails it:

Joffrey’s actor did an amazing job showing Joffrey’s fear and anxiety towards Tywin. He fidgets with the handle of the Iron Throne and his manner of speaking gets more frantic. I love it.


Why Are We Talking About Joffrey The Tyrannical Twat?

Rapport Seeking tonality will make you feel and behave weaker and lower status than normal Tweet This

Simple, because he exemplifies what happens when you assume a rapport seeking tonality:

  • You will feel lower in social status compared to the people around you (even if you actually have higher status)
    • This causes you to feel worse about yourself which will then become a self-fulfilling prophecy
    • It leads to fidgeting, which makes you more anxious and corrupts your confidence even more
  • Other people annoyingly assert themselves above you and start treating you like dog shit
    • Don’t get mad at people for it. It’s something that’s hardcoded into our DNA. People cannot help it, and it’s like women shit testing men. It’s a part of life, like the Earth spinning (at the time of this writing, anyways!)
    • In short; people treat you as poorly as you allow them to
    • Take advantage of it instead so people look up at you instead of down at you (we will go over how)
  • Women will not be as attracted to you as they otherwise could be

Instead, adopt a combination of the next two tonalities that Barron will cover. We don’t have enough room to cover everything in his video, so definitely make sure to check it out. He will show you some easy to follow examples as well as what to do instead of slipping into rapport seeking tonality.

Here’s the link again so you don’t have to scroll up.

Once you’ve gone over that video (only seven minutes long), you will be able to introduce yourself in a way that people will respect you immediately.

Introduce Yourself Like a Boss

Pretty much this mindset

The first video of Barron’s is crucial, because it covers the three different tonalities. The next, however is how to introduce yourself in a high status and dominant way. Because high status people aren’t going to be ignored. And you’re not going to be ignored or talked over anymore either.

That ends today.

The High Status Introduction

  • Click the title to go to the video

In this short, 5 minute clip Barron goes into how to introduce yourself in a way that people will respect.

Coming back to the three tonalities again:

  1. Seeking
  2. Neutral
  3. Breaking

There are good and bad things about all three of those. The first, rapport seeking, will help you seem more friendly, though weak.

The breaking tonality will make people respect you more, but you also risk coming off like a dick that nobody likes.

Meanwhile, the neutral tonality is more in the middle. It doesn’t hurt you too much but it doesn’t help you a ton either.

This is key to know before going into Barron’s next video, because we’re going to mix all three tonalities together to get the best possible bang for our buck.

What To Do:

Not what we’re going for

Whenever you introduce yourself, the actual words you use don’t matter too much. Just as long as it’s not something way out of left field like “Fuck you! My name is Alexander” (this is something I saw somebody do just to prove that words do matter, like that wasn’t obvious in the first place). Like all pieces of advice in all the world; please exercise common sense.

Anyway, that short common-sense disclaimer out of the way, here’s what to do:

“Hey there, my name is Alexander”

Those are the actual words, but let’s break down the tonalities we will mix together (make sure to check out Barron’s video because it’s easier for him to show the example in video format).

Hey there

Said in a rapport seeking tonality, just a step above neutral tonality.

Then, you immediately downshift into neutral tonality with:

My name

Before finally ending in a rapport breaking tonality with:

is Alexander

What’s Happening:

In this introduction we are doing a few different things:

We start off with a wondrously warm rapport seeking voice. Because it’s an easy way to come across as charismatic and friendly. And then we immediately go into neutral tonality before hitting rapport breaking.

The reason we need rapport neutral is so that the shift isn’t so abrupt that you scare people off.

It will sound weird if you go rapport seeking into rapport breaking.

You’ll come off as autistic, or even as a clown because it’s too big of a jump. It’s not normal.

Yet, we need to end with rapport breaking because that’s the one that will come across as higher status and gain us respect and attraction.

The Effect We Want

Putting it together subconsciously, the effect we are going for is this:

‘Friendly’ into ‘the transition’ and ending with ‘strong and almost prideful’.

That’s because people aren’t going to introduce themselves this way unless they respect themselves. And someone that respects himself tells others that they expect others to respect them as well.

Robert Greene's 34th Law of Power: Be royal in your own fashion, act like a king to be treated like one Tweet This

In other words; it conveys social power.

Men and women alike respect and admire power.

Men will follow your lead and will want to be your friend when you convey higher status. You’ll be invited out and people will be more likely to stand with you if shit hits the fan.

Women will be drawn to you once you learn how to get a deep voice
What women will want when you learn how to get a deep voice

That’s because society protects its high status members because those high status people are valuable (and they hope to get some of that high status for themselves).

Women, on the other hand, will become attracted to you because you showcase all of the attractive traits of a man of supreme confidence.

But those are the videos about how to get your tonality handled as well as a fun way to introduce yourself. Next up, is how to get a powerful voice.

Because you can have great tonality while still having a weak voice:

How to Talk and Sound Like a Man

  • Click the title to go to the video

This video covers your body language behind your voice (also called ‘honest signals’). Even if you have a great voice you can still come across as weak if you don’t stand behind your words. For more tips on posture than we’ll cover here, check out either of these articles:

But back to the video breakdown:

The first tip in this video is to STOP SLOUCHING.

For one, it murders the force and power that you can put into your words and voice. That’s because it keeps you from breathing in as deeply as you should be able to do (breath is to the voice what a skeleton is to a body, it’s the foundation).

For two, it comes across as unconfident and almost conniving. It comes off in a way where the other person wants something from you but is too scared to just come out and tell you what they want.

So not only do they come across as if they want to take something from you, but they also come across as pathetic and weak.

How to Get a Deep Voice: Project Your Voice to Be Heard

Barron has such a great example from his video I have to use it here:

You could have the voice of James Earl Jones, but if you are afraid to be heard, you will NOT have a great voice. Tweet This

But because he speaks to be heard, exactly what you should be doing, he has become THE MAN of men when it comes to voice.

Another great example of this is Morgan Freeman. There are some hilarious comments I’ve heard that go something like this:

“Morgan Freeman could tell me that he was about to murder my entire family and I would feel completely relaxed”

Now, I hope it’s obvious that it’s an exaggeration, but it’s not that far from the truth.

Another comment that people with a great voice will get:

That man could read the dictionary to me and I would listen all the way to the end

Mmmm so sexy…


But NONE of that will happen unless you speak to be heard.

When reading that, it sounds like one of those “well, duh” statements.

But this is something that I myself used to be guilty of. And everyday I see people who are afraid to be heard when they talk.

It’s almost like they are too afraid to be heard, which then sub-communicates to people that what they have to say isn’t important and can safely be ignored. That the person themselves can safely be ignored.

And I’d be willing to bet that this is the problem that 90+ out of 100 guys have when they talk about getting ignored when they speak.

Other Tips in The Video

Barron has some other tips in this video (linked here again for easy access) that are gold.

This article is already getting a little long, so we won’t cover them here so definitely make sure to check it out. It’s only about six minutes long and there’s still one final video of his we need to go over:

How to Get a Deep Voice That Attracts Women and Intimidates Men

  • Click the title to go straight to the video

This video is a little on the longer side, clocking in at around 14 minutes.

However the reason that we are ending on this one is because it takes a lot of the tips we’ve already gone over and gives more examples.

Though I have to be honest: the girl in the video was distracting in the first part of the video until she started participating towards the end.

Stress Kills Everything

If you want to learn how to get a deep voice then you also need to learn how to manage stress and tension in your body
Bad body language

In the beginning he talks about what stress does to your voice and how to notice and then ferociously fight it.

One example he uses to notice stress is this:

Whenever you’re out and about, try to think about your shoulders. More specifically, are they raised up or are they nice and loose?

Because when you raise your shoulders up you tell the world that you’re stressed and out of control. And this cripples the confidence you feel and the confidence you project out into the world.

Whenever you do notice that your shoulders are tensed up, just shake them loose. Try to relax them and then go about your day.

That way, you can release some of the tension in your body. You will also want to repeat this exercise for any part of the body that you carry stress in, shoulders are just a common one.

Your Neck and Throat

But another common one is your throat and is the one that crushes your voice.

Whenever you carry stress in your neck and throat, you will speak in a higher pitched tone (rapport seeking at best and possibly going so far as to sound nasally and annoying).

In addition, if you’re like me, you’ll notice that you’re speaking a little bit faster as well. Almost struggling to get the words out, which is different than when you’re excited and passionate. When you’re passionate you naturally breathe a lot and can easily put power into your words. But when you’re struggling to get the words out due to stress, however, you’ll naturally try to do it in a single breath.

When this happens just take a moment to take a breath and Slow. It. Down.

It takes some getting used to at first, but slow it down and speak in a more controlled, deliberate manner.

Other Tips in The Video:

I don’t want to spoil everything in the video that Barron has, so make sure to check it out.

Here are just a few more things that he covers in it:

Know what to do when someone is giving you the cold shoulder?
  • What to do whenever someone is actively disrespecting you or being rude to you
  • Some body language tips to throw into the mix so that you don’t scare people off or come across as too weak and afraid
  • Basically, more tips on how to come across as someone who demands respect

My Experience With Barron’s Tips on How to Get a Deep Voice

Barron at the Charisma Matrix has some great stuff, and I have noticed a big difference when I implement these tips.

I always hated the sound of my voice (like most people). But once finding Barron I have started to like my voice a lot more. And it’s even given me some fun social experiments to do with people.

In fact, there was a guy at one of my favorite coffee shops who would always dismiss me.

I couldn’t figure it out.

I’d already won over most of the other people who worked at this coffee shop but for some reason this guy just would not get on my team.

He wasn’t actively rude or mean, but he was dismissive.

If I asked him how he was the answer was always a dry ‘fine’. Asking about what he liked to do the answer was basically always a ‘hobbies’. And of course, how he liked working at the coffee shop was always ‘fine’.

Can you relate to that?

Again, he wasn’t being rude or disrespectful. He just didn’t give a shit.

So what did I do?

After watching one of Barron’s videos (the first we covered about tonality, in fact!) I implemented a rapport breaking tonality with this coffee shop guy, similar to what we went over in the how to introduce yourself section.

What Happened?

I’ll never forget this, because it seemed so strange at the time:

First he looked at me for a second, and I mean really looked at me. Almost like it was the first time he’d ever noticed I was a person.

Then he kinda chuckled to himself while looking down with a smile. After that, he started saying hi to me before I could to him. He started being friendlier around me and to me.

Mr. too-cool-for-school would actively start talking to me and even asking me questions about myself.

When we learn how to get a deep voice we can learn how to make people act more submissive to us
Pretty much the human version of this

That’s the power that fixing your voice and tonality will give you. It will fix a lot of the social issues that you have.

There are other things that you can and should do as well, some of which we’ve covered in this article: but fixing your voice is about as close to an ‘instant-fix’ as there is.

And I owe this instant-fix to Barron over on The Charisma Matrix. Make sure to check him out.

How to Get a Deep Voice Re-Cap

How to Get a Deep Voice Re-Cap
Imagine being able to walk up to anyone and within minutes have them wanting to be your friend. What would you do with that kind of social superpower? You want that kind of superpower, you just don’t know how to get it. Because of that click this button and during a free half hour coaching call you will steal that superpower for yourself:
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