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  • Disclaimer: I am not being paid, nor have I been given anything for this review. I am writing this review because I recently found The Power Moves and I love what Lucio has to say. Lucio does not focus only on dominance, as I will in this review. But they were the articles that put the most stars in my eyes because I have seen barely anyone write such well-written articles on it. When I found him I knew I had to reach out to review him. His website will help you, just as it is helping me.
  • Also, I have to mention that English is not Lucio’s first language. You will find some errors in his writing. Same with his videos. These are tiny errors that native English speakers also make. You will understand him. The information is solid and Lucio makes it easy to understand, especially with video examples. Don’t let dumb excuses get in the way of becoming a better man.
  • Final disclaimer: his website doesn’t allow you to right click and some of his links don’t automatically open a new window and this frustrates me. That doesn’t, however, take away anything from the content. The content is something that I fully endorse and is worth the slight right-clicking annoyance.

Have you ever seen a guy walk into a room and immediately be respected by everybody? Not only respected, but also see that women are attracted to him before even speaking to him?

It’s almost annoying, isn’t it?

Sometimes thinking: “What does this guy have that I don’t? Why is he so special?”

Having thoughts like that clearly means learning how to talk to anyone and getting them to like you will work wonders for you. Grab you free consultation here.

What Does He Have?

What guys like that have is the knowledge of how to be a dominant man. This gets him respect from men and dates with women because he took the time to build himself up into a sexy man.

And no, it doesn’t mean a domineering man. Nor does it mean an abusive man. It means a dominant man. There is a HUGE difference.

Mainstream media and society would have you believe that dominance is automatically evil. That any mention of being dominant is right up there with worshiping Satan. Because of that, there is a mountain of misinformation on what it means to be a dominant man.

Again, I do not mean being a domineering man or an abusive man. A dominant man is first and foremost a protector. He is a leader looking out for the people he is leading.

A dominant man serves his group and looks out for them. Being a dominant man can sometimes be hard, especially when he has to sacrifice his wants and needs for the group’s. Because of this he is rewarded with respect and social power.

Dominant men are respectable, powerful men. Domineering and abusive men are weak, pathetic children. The fact that they are sometimes confused is disgusting to me, let’s fix that.

How A Dominant Man Speaks

Charisma: Command Respect

Signs of Social Power: How Dominant Men Speak

Kicking this review off is this article on how dominant men speak. As mentioned earlier, dominant men are leaders. One of the things that they lead are conversations.

Lucio starts the article with how to lead conversations. There are many parts that the leader of the conversation controls. Things like the…

  • Tempo
  • Tone
  • Subject
  • And even who speaks

Just don’t forget to add in some charm and charisma while talking to other people.


The tempo is basically the speed of the conversation. For instance, a dominant man might speed up a conversation if it’s not going anywhere productive, or where he wants it to go. He has no issues with cutting someone off if they’re droning on and on.

As an example, think of a time where you got sucked into a pointless and boring conversation. For me, the example that comes to mind is a conversation with an older gentleman.

To this day, I swear that this guy never even breathed during the entire conversation. I never got a chance to speak.

This man was a harmless example of a domineering man. He was being stunningly selfish, probably not on purpose, but still self-serving and selfish.

If I had been more of a dominant man at the time I would have cut that conversation off instead of running away from it like I did.

Cutting Off Conversations Like a Boss

You don’t have to be an asshole to do this. To politely end the conversation what you will do is gently put your hand on their elbow. This short circuits their mind for a split second (for a fun social experiment with your friends say their name as you do this). That will give you a chance to say something like: “It was nice chatting with you but I have to go. Have a nice day.”

That’s it.

Nothing special, but it is effective and gets you what you want.

That is how a dominant man would have ended my past conversation, and how I would do that now.

Slow Down The Conversation

On the other hand, a powerful man will also slow down a conversation if he is confused about something and wants to make sure he completely understands everything. He will ask questions or prod people to explain themselves when he wants them to.


  • Go on…
  • What does that mean?
  • *sometimes just remaining silent is the best course of action*

This includes if he thinks someone is wrong. It doesn’t mean that he jumps all over someone, but it does mean that he stands up for what he believes in.

That includes sometimes confronting people in a conversation. This can be through contradicting what someone else has said, or correcting them.

In other words, a dominant man doesn’t waste time on what he thinks is pointless bullshit or pointless people.

In doing this he communicates that his time is important.

By doing this, you will communicate that you are important. That you have value. Because more than ever in today’s world, good leaders are in short supply and are highly valued.

Being Assertive

Powerful men are assertive men.

And no, you don’t have to be an asshole to be assertive. In fact, it’s better if you aren’t an asshole.

Just think back to my own example about how to politely end a conversation. If someone is talking without breathing and you no longer want to speak to them just interrupt them. Interrupt them and tell them to have a nice day, and that you have to go.

Touch their arm and say their name as you do it for added power.

That is how to be both polite and assertive. That is how to be dominant.

Nice Guys Vs. A Dominant Man

All those years ago I sat there like an idiot and let this selfish old guy talk non-stop for half an hour! Just like your stereotypical nice guys do every day.

It’s okay if you’ve been there. Like I said, I’ve been there. I would be willing to bet that Lucio has had this happen to him too, everybody has.

This is stuff most people have to learn.

Getting Better

One of the reasons that nice guys are looked over while assholes are adored by women is because assholes are naturally assertive. They believe in themselves. Assholes believe that they have value and women respond to that.

Assholes demand that you respect them. And people follow their lead.

You can do the same thing while still being a great guy that people will love. Once you learn how to be assertive and demand respect you will be more respected and valued than the assholes are.

Strength in people is respected. Weakness is not. Assholes have room for improvement, but they are somewhat strong. Nice guys are only nice because they’re weak. That’s why nobody respects them.

How to Be Assertive in Conversations

You become assertive by first acknowledging that you have value, and secondly by getting a deep, powerful voice. Therefore, you must expect to be heard and don’t allow yourself to get run over when you have something to say.

Lucio has some great video examples that are worth checking out (linking again so you don’t have to scroll up). But here’s a preview of his most important point, in my opinion.

A Dominant Man Avoids Submission

cats dominating each other and one at the bottom of the pile. To be a dominant man you have to be at the top of the pile

Quoting Lucio:

Dominant men avoid expressions of submission. Makes sense, no?

They avoid submitting to other people’s tempo. They avoid defending themselves, they reject contradictions and corrections and, finally, they approach questions differently than non-dominant men.

Digging deeper, what I think needs highlighting the most is rejecting moral attacks. Broadly speaking, this means not allowing people to impose their own principles onto you.

A valuable person creates their own ethical standards. They think about and create their own moral code. In the long run, this will make them happier people because they don’t allow others to control their thoughts. High value people control their own thoughts as well as their own lives.

In a world where it seems like everyone is trying to impose their own worldview onto everyone else: someone who stands up for themselves is like an oasis in a desert when it comes to strength.

For how to do this, check out what Lucio has to say. He has a lot more on speaking like a powerful man with tons of video examples.

But for now let’s look at different styles of dominance…

7 Different Ways to Be a Dominant Man

According to Lucio, there are 7 styles of dominance. We will cover the two that I believe are the most common.

The Meathead

The meatheads exert dominance via the threat of physical violence: “I’ll fuck you up”.

They’re not afraid to fight (or so they seem). A lot of the immature ones even seek out fights in my experience.


Physically, we are wired to take notice of physical threats.

Think about it, what would happen to a caveman if he didn’t perk up when someone or something threatened him?

He would get clubbed by a fellow caveman and then his cavewoman would be taken. Or he would be eaten by a saber-toothed Tiger.

If you can intimidate someone chances are they won’t bother you. Simply because they don’t want to get hurt. They will be afraid.

In today’s society, it’s unlikely that it will ever come to blows (depending on where you are). This is because even meatheads understand that it’s not worth the trouble that it would bring. That doesn’t, however, stop them from exerting their dominance through the threat of fighting.


Because of today’s society meatheads typically don’t make it far by relying solely on physical violence.

Even successful drug lords have to exercise some brain power to become powerful.

Confronting Physical Dominance:

Show resolve and show that you aren’t scared. Depending on the environment you might get into an actual fight.

It doesn’t matter. If push comes to shove don’t be afraid to trade fists with someone else.

Even in the situations where fights do escalate, most people will leave you alone once they see that you are not afraid to fight. And the crazy thing is that you don’t even have to win the fight!

Standing up for yourself is more important than winning!

People that rely only on physical intimidation are looking for easy targets. Once people see that you are not an easy target they will mostly leave you alone because you won’t be worth the effort. They want easy wins and the way to beat this is to show that you are not an easy victory.

This even works in the animal kingdom!

Check out this video of a man being charged by a gorilla. He stands his ground and the gorilla backs down! We all know that the gorilla could rip him apart in two seconds flat, but the physical reactions are that powerful! Gorillas as well as humans respond to displays of power, to displays of dominance.

Here’s another one with a charging elephant:

Just like with animals, if you stand your ground you are better off. This includes when a man or woman is trying to morally shame you.

Basically, anytime someone tries to bully you or intimidate you, STAND YOUR GROUND.

You’ll have to put up with some headaches right away. But you won’t have to deal with them for as long as someone who refuses to stand up for themselves. The people that give in without a fight are the ones that get picked on forever.

The Smart-Ass

Smart asses are the know-it-alls of the world. They’re better than everyone else because they know more than everybody else.

They dominate with their minds. One easy example is the internet troll. Basically, the angrier a troll can make people the more the troll dominates.


Most people respect intelligence while a lot of people look down on physical aggression. It’s also hard for a lot of people to fight against intelligence and knowledge.

Even the boss at a job site, if they’re smart, will become submissive when dealing with someone who knows more than they do. It doesn’t mean that they’re submissive in general, but they will be in this one subject.

Example: say your boss wants to get into Bitcoin but doesn’t understand it. But, you happen to know a lot about Bitcoin (or anything that you know a lot about). Your boss, if they’re not stupid, will become submissive to you when talking about Bitcoin.

However, when it comes to anything else they will go back to being the person in charge.


If a smart-ass ever raises their voice or gets mad then they look out of character.

Not only that, but they are not relatable to anyone. This means that it’s easy for them to annoy everyone and find themselves alone. You can’t be a leader if you are alone.

If you are genuinely intelligent in a specific area then you have to have balance. Doesn’t mean that you rub it in people’s faces, but don’t be afraid to be assertive when you know your shit.

Confronting a Smart-Ass

According to Lucio, the most important thing is that you can’t take anything personally. Smart-asses typically have big egos (and as a former immature smart-ass I agree).

In order to beat them you have to attack their lack of intellectual achievements.

If a smart-ass does have some accomplishments then you attack those accomplishments where they are weak. The example Lucio gives is for a successful author. To attack him you imply that their books are all marketing with zero content.

There are more types of dominance Lucio goes over, including some healthy styles, but there is one more article that we need to cover. Quite possibly the most critical article.

Developing dominant body language.

What Does A Dominant Man’s Body Language Look Like?

Alpha Male Body Language: Full Guide (Videos & Pictures)

Dominant people take up plenty of space. They know that they are important and they have no problem in claiming territory.

Dominant men are comfortable. They sit comfortably and they don’t press their thighs against each other if they don’t want to.

In addition, dominant men are okay with touch and eye contact. If you need help with touching and/or eye contact then I have you covered here.

Lucio has some great points in this article, but to keep this review from getting too long we will only cover a few.

A Dominant Man is a Comfortable Man

Powerful men have relaxed body language and great posture.

The guys that have terrible posture will find it a problem at first. It will be a problem because their bodies have adjusted to weak posture.

Changing it will take some effort at first, but the rewards are worth it. You’ll look more powerful, you’ll have more women attracted to you and you will have a healthier body. What more could you ask for?

For the short version; try to get rid of ‘weak’ signals.

According to Lucio, high value people avoid what are known as “displacement signals”. Displacement signals, in simpler language, are signs of discomfort. Basically, weak body language.

One way for you to score some quick wins is to get rid of these signs of discomfort. They make people look weak.

Things to Never Do Again

Things like:

  • Touching the back of your neck
  • Scratching imaginary itches
  • Touching your face all the time
  • Wringing your hands together
  • Opening up the collar of your shirt

Another thing to never do again is having closed-off body language:

man with arms crossed looks closed off. Like he is afraid of the world and is trying to look small

Basically, anything that makes it seem like you are closed off.

This means crossing your arms together or rounding your shoulders together are big no-no’s. They make people look scared, like they’re trying to hide from the world. This is why things like this makes people look weak.

Powerful, high-value and dominant people are open people.

People who are closed off are afraid of the world. Dominant people, on the other hand, are confident in who they are and they show it by taking up the space that they need to be comfortable.

There are a few other tricks and tips in the article, as well as How to Stand Like Superman. Check those out for more information!

How to Be a Dominant Man Conclusion:

Lucio writes about more than how to be dominant. I focused on dominance, however, because it’s COLOSSALLY important when it comes to dating.

Something else that I love about Lucio’s articles are a lot of them contain a ‘reality-check’. The advice in his articles are sometimes presented in the extreme to show you what he is talking about. The reality-check serves to bring it back down to Earth.

That way it’s more practical. It’s more practical because, like most things in life, balance is important.

You can’t go around being Mr. Thug 24/7 because to be a great man you have to learn from other people. Sometimes you have to be submissive in life.

Therefore, when you choose to, it’s okay to be submissive to other people’s dominating presence when it makes sense.

Think about it, are you going to try and play Alpha against a Judge in a courtroom?

Good luck out alpha’ing a judge

Absolutely not!

It would be stupid to even try!

Another example is if you’re wanting to cross the street, but this is what you see:

Do you try to be a die-hard Alpha male and attempt to cross the street? Or do you apply common sense, act a little submissive, and wait until there isn’t a death march of cars coming your way?

Sometimes the smart thing to do is to be a little submissive. Doesn’t mean that you have to be a wimp, but you don’t act like you own the place or know everything.

Being a powerful and dominant man, becoming a leader, is about balance. But it’s also about owning who you are and not letting people tell you who you are. Sometimes, that means not being the leader in all situations.

And as long as that is something that you are choosing, it’s okay. It’s a great thing! But what isn’t okay is when guys don’t choose to be submissive, they just are because that’s what has been drilled into them.

That’s something that I want to help with however possible. So if you know someone who is trying to reclaim their birthright as a man, send them this article. We’re here to help each other and lift each other up.

Keep Moving Forward

P.S. Lucio has a social power course which you can learn about here. I have not gone through the course myself, however I am mentioning it based on what I have read on his website.

Think of a time where you got ignored or talked over during a conversation. That feeling sucks. Because you want to keep from feeling like that ever again click the button and schedule a free half hour consultation to conquer your social life instead of feeling like that ever again:
As you read the social secrets on this page become aware of sharing it. Because sharing it will help more people

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