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Hack Your Brain to Reach Your Dreams

As mentioned in the parent article to this one (Law of Attraction: 6 Secrets to Winning at Life), your brain has an interesting super power. A super power, or brain hack, that we can ruthlessly tear into to reach our dreams and become the attractive, confident man we are supposed…

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The Zen of Great Habits: The Key to Success

Note: This is a part 2/2 on how to build discipline. You can find part 1 here. Then there is the list post that started this short series and dives into exploiting the Law of Attraction here. You’ve got a goal in mind (if your goal is to become an…

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Cultivate A Warrior’s Discipline And Achieve Your Goals

Note: This is part 1/2 This part focuses mostly on starting good habits whereas part 2 will focus more on keeping those habits

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