Do You Make These 11 Tinder Mistakes?

You open up your Tinder account with a sense of dread… no new notifications. “Is there even a point to continue mindlessly swiping?” you think to yourself, trying to figure out “How can I hook up on Tinder when I don’t have any matches?”

Or maybe you even think ‘This is never going to work’ (if so I’ve got you covered here).

It’s frustrating.

So let’s go over some of the common reasons that I’ve seen for why some guys have an empty Tinder (or other online dating) account. As well as, what to do about it so that you can stop looking at a painfully blank account and start looking at a blissfully beautiful account that you can use to hook up on Tinder.

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5 Simple Tinder Secrets That Will Get You More Women

You open up your Tinder account, and at first everything is so exciting! So many possibilities and so many hot women! You start swiping right away.

But then a terrible realization starts to set in… you’re not getting the number of matches that you want. And you start feeling frustrated by the feeling of being ignored. 

We’ve all been there, and it sucks. You want to know how to use Tinder so that you can get laid or even find someone special but it’s not working out. 

Let’s dive into the first part about why that is… 

Understanding a Woman’s Perspective

When it comes to understanding how to use tinder to get more women, we have to start with the women.

And this is a typical woman’s perspective:

A woman's experience on Tinder is like a cat staring at a mountain of hotdogs

Even somewhat cute women will be overrun with options. This means that we, as men, have to stand out from the crowd if we want success. One way to do that is through our messages, click this link to learn how to message women to get dates

Thankfully, when you arm yourself with a little bit of knowledge you’ll realize that the bar isn’t set too high. 

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