Charisma Hacks: A Cheat Sheet On How to Be Charming

  • Quick Note: Consider this an unofficial follow-up on How to Be Dominant. Because dominance is about gaining respect. Charm and charisma, however, is about exuding warmth and attracting people to you. And you need both to survive and thrive in any kind of social environment
  • Dominance gains you respect, but charm and charisma gives you a magnetic pull that makes you likable. Dominance without charm will make people afraid of you whereas charm without dominance will allow others to step all over you

We’ve all seen them… the social butterflies who are able to make friends and connections wherever they go. They’re charming and ooze charisma. The types of people who could sell ice to an Eskimo chipped from their own igloo.

It’s almost annoying how smooth they are with people, like they’ve got access to some kind of social black magic.

Women love them and men want to be them. They’ve got an open invite to anywhere people are involved and everyone is happy to drop everything to do something for these social wizards.

But then when we meet them, we can’t help but be taken in by their energy.

There’s just something about them, their charm, their charisma. It takes everyone in. And instead of hating them like we sometimes do at first we ourselves get taken in and can’t help but like them.

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How to Get a Girl to Like You: Seduce Like Casanova

There she is right in front of you, and she looks stunning. Time seemed to stand still for a second the moment you laid eyes on her, and she smiled at you when she saw you. But maybe you’re nervous and think about how to get a girl to like you?

Perhaps you’re on a first date with her, or maybe you just saw her across the way and felt your heart start running a mile a minute. Or maybe she’s part of your social circle and you just need to know how to become confident around her

Either way, you need to talk to her. This could be your future wife, future baby mama or even something else entirely!

But there’s a problem… what the hell do you talk about with women?

That’s what we’re going to dive into today, let’s get started.

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