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The Law of Attraction: 6 Secrets to Winning at Life

Welcome! Today I’m going to start doing something a little different. Instead of making different posts that are aimed at whatever my whim happens to be at that moment; I’m going to start doing something different. Basically, we’re going to go over a few different topics linked by one theme…

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These people will help you change your life

The Ultimate List of People to Help You Change Your Life

Quick note: you’ll notice that I’m not including myself on here. That’s because I want to give you different resources to draw from. And to keep it as unbiased as possible, that means I’m not including myself. Though I think I’m pretty damn great Check out my articles here Deep…

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Body Posture: An Ultimate Guide to Feel Powerful

Body language. It’s something that can captivate people or cripple you when dealing with people. Poor body language means bumbling your way through social interactions like a buffoon. While charismatic body language traits help women fall in love with you. And great body language starts with good body posture. But…

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11 Things in Life That Aren’t Worth It: How to Design Your Life

This was a question that I got on Quora about how to design your life. I loved the question and I’m sharing it with all of you!

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Stand Like Superman: Look 2 Inches Taller in 2 Seconds

You know that body language is important, but are you sometimes unsure what to do about it? How do you appear taller? How do you stand like Superman and gain his confidence (get Superman’s superhero and attractive body language here)?

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When Should You Text Her Back?

You’ve gotten her number and perhaps gone even further with her. But there are still those pesky and irritating issues. What to text a girl and when should you actually text her back! In this short post, we’ll go over some common scenarios about when and what you should text…

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The Deadly Sin of Texting That Costs You Women

This is a chapter from “Warning: Are You Committing One Of These Deadly Texting Sins?” (get it for only three dollars here). When texting a girl, it’s agonizing when a luscious hottie you’ve been texting starts to ignore you. We’ve all been there and it’s tediously tormenting in how annoying…

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How to Text a Girl: Don’t Be Boring

Have you ever met a woman and everything seemed to be going great, only for her to leave you in agony by ghosting through text? Only for it to leave you wondering “How to text a girl you like?”

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What to Do if She Doesn’t Respond to Your Tinder Messages

You mastered your pictures and you got a match, awesome! But there’s still more to it, there are still your Tinder messages to turn those matches into juicy dates!

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How to Get a Girl to Like You: Seduce Like Casanova

There she is, right in front of you, and she looks stunning! But there’s a problem… do you know how to get a girl to like you? Because even if you have her interest now, you could lose it if you don’t know what to talk about with women. What…

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