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The Life Hack To Get What You Want in Life

Note: This post is a continuation of how to take advantage of the Law of Attraction post series What is this super simple life hack that you’ve been promised? It’s one simple question (which we learned how questions can supercharge your life here). And that question is this: what do you want?

Body Posture: An Ultimate Guide to Feel Powerful

Body language. It’s something that can captivate people or cripple you when dealing with people. Poor body language means bumbling your way through social interactions like a buffoon. And great body language starts with good body posture. But first, what is poor posture and what should we do to fix posture?

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The Deadly Sin of Texting That Costs You Women

This is a chapter from “Warning: Are You Committing One Of These Deadly Texting Sins?” (get it for only three dollars here). When texting a girl, it’s agonizing when a luscious hottie you’ve been texting starts to ignore you. We’ve all been there and it’s tediously tormenting in how annoying it can be.

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How to Text a Girl: Don’t Be Boring

Have you ever met a woman and everything seemed to be going great, only for her to leave you in agony by ghosting through text? Only for it to leave you wondering “How to text a girl you like?”