Secrets of Models: How to Pose Your Body to Get Sexy Pictures

This is a sneak peek from my online dating book. Here is chapter 11 🙂

Chapter 11: Prepping for Picture Day – Learn How to Shoot Your Body

In this chapter I’ll walk you through how to shoot your body type.

First, things that are closer to the camera look bigger while things that are farther from the camera look smaller.

Before going into the specific details, know that you can change the perception of your body by a great deal simply by the clothes that you wear. Example:

  • If you’re skinnier then you will want to add more mass to your shoulders through style and layering your clothes
  • If you’re super skinny, you’ll want to directly face the camera to add more weight to your frame

Which is another reason why style is so important. It might not feel manly at first but learning how to dress well will do wonders for your dating success, online or not.

If You’re a Bigger Guy:

  1. You can put your hands on your waist and ‘cinch’ your waist as that alone can take off some weight, visually, like this:

In the above photo, it clearly shows how she looks slimmer, and us guys can do the same thing! I even did it on a picture I’ll show you guys later to great success!

  1. I go into this more in the body shot chapter, but you’ll want to stand at about a 45-degree angle to the camera or otherwise position yourself that way and it’s the same with your face
  2. You can wear darker clothing as darker clothing slims you down
  3. If you can bend it, bend it slightly
    1. More so with arms, but the same can be said with your knees if they’re going to be in the shot (one of my newer pictures of me taking a picture shows you what I mean)
    2. If you bend your arms it will create a gap between your arms and your body which will make you look slimmer, whereas keeping your arms directly at your side will add more visual weight
    3. As for your knees, it just adds a more dynamic flair to your picture and can help create a thigh gap, which you should get through choice of clothing. Otherwise bending your knees isn’t that important (and make sure to pay attention to the pose, if you’re standing straight up and bend your knees you’ll look like the wrong kind of special)
    4. Remember I’m talking about a slight bend, it’s very easy to overdo this
  4. Don’t have the photographer take your picture from below you
    1. Having your picture taken from below will only add more visual weight to your figure and call attention to your stomach area
    2. So, have the picture taken at a downward direction to both slim your figure and your face more
    3. Don’t go to the other extreme, just make sure the photographer is slightly above your eye level
      1. Pictures with the camera far above you make you look childish in my opinion but some people make it work for them, I never could as either a photographer or a model

Tips for Shooting if You’re Shorter

  1. Have the camera man shoot from a lower angle, like your waist or even lower
    1. What this does is it will give you more height, but it will also add more weight, so you must find a happy medium to get away with it
    2. What’s more, if your legs are in the shot it will make your legs appear longer the lower the camera is placed, which is a secondary reason why you want to be careful with this one (looks amazing on women but it doesn’t look as good on guys in my opinion)
  2. Don’t stand near things that will give away your size
    1. This means that you’ll want to avoid standing near things that are easily identifiable, like mailboxes or signs. The reason is because those are things that give us a frame of reference. Which means that if you’re barely taller than a mailbox the viewer can easily figure out that you’re short
  3. If you’d rather, have a picture taken of you sitting down
    1. The brain doesn’t try to search for height if you’re sitting down. It’s a neat little trick to get your body shot while not giving away your height
  4. If you’re in a group shot, stand in the front of the group

How to Shoot if You’re Taller

  1. A lot of the information above will work even if you’re a taller guy, only reverse a little bit
    1. Sitting down still works if you’re taller
    2. Stand in the back of group shots rather than the front
    3. Feel free to stand near things that reference your height, just make sure that your head is in the frame

Final Preparation Touches

In addition, you’ll want to pick out the outfits that you will use as well as take care of anything like haircuts or manscaping or whatever else a few days before the photoshoot.

Lastly, an hour or so before you take photos do some pushups and sit-ups. Do them super slowly. That way you won’t sweat much, if at all, but you can get a nice burn from doing them. Once you start feeling a burn you can stop. The reason I suggest this is because it will make your muscles a little more defined 😉

That’s it for Chapter 11, if you want the full book then go get it here. 

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